Oscar Night

I see women on stage like Cate Blanchett and Jessica Alba, pregnant and all dressed up, and all I can do is be thankful is that I am home curled up next to my husband, wearing comfy stretch pants, eating pizza and drinking Sprite, and posting during the commercials and long montages. I can’t imagine how much preparation would have gone into being ready for an event like that. Even just at 26 weeks, getting dressed for work four days a week is an undertaking that makes me cringe. And sitting in one place for more than a half hour is down right painful.

It’s one of the days of the year that Chad and I really enjoy knowing that we’ll spend it together. We plan days ahead what we’ll eat (the two new tuscan pizzas at papa john’s) and from the moment we wake up we schedule the day to end up in front of the TV by 5:30 (though it was close this year – but we managed to fit in grocery shopping, running show shopping and watching Ang Lee’s Lust, Caution).

He maintains that 95% of the time the oscar winners are the same as the Screen Actors’ Guild awards which happened a month ago or so. But guess what? Marion Cotillard just won Best Actress and that was my guess weeks ago! Julie Christie won at the SAG awards and certainly gave a terrific performance in Away from Her, but just seeing Cotillard at the Oscar’s – seeing how young and vibrant she is – and realizing just how much she stretched to play an obsessive talented singer from youth to death in La Vie en Rose, makes you realize how deserving she is of this year’s Oscar.

And I hope the song “Falling Slowly” from Once (my sister calls it ‘on-che’) wins Best Original Song…

And on the subject of movies, here’s a gem of a review sent to me by John. You’ll smile, I promise. (Thanks John!)

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