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There is something really wonderful about the limbo of being jobless. And that is vast amounts of Golden Time. For the last fourteen years I have been a mother. And being a mother means not having very much time to … Continue reading

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Goals – August 2007 to January 2008

A while back, Songbae sent me an email about setting goals. Apparently people who set goal regularly (in this study, four times a year: two personal, two business, and one health) are more likely to get what they want. This … Continue reading

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Top 100 Blogs at Any One Given Moment

Technorati’s top 100 blogs here, according to the number of other blogs linking to them. Some ones I’ve heard of, and even ones I read are in there, including dooce (#48).

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Funny Stuff

  There has been a good wave of funny stuff going by this summer. I like it, because I like to laugh. Number one funny thing was Ratatouille (imdb 8.5/10.0). It was HIL-AR-IOUS, my friend. It was original, quirky, and … Continue reading

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New Blog Alert

Corrina just moved her myspace blog to wordpress and you can check out her first post about seeing bighorn sheep for the first time in the wild here. How cool – there are pictures too. I, myself, have never, ever … Continue reading

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The Ball I've Dropped

is apparently the blogging ball. I had the best shower/bachelorette party ever. Although, I think it might be hard to go wrong with carrot cake and tequila shots… and games with me as the focal point. More on all that … Continue reading

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A Certain Antipathy

These days it’s been hard to conjure up the time and energy to post daily. I don’t know if just because I am so busy, or because of my conversation with my brother’s friend, Jimmy. Jimmy used to be a … Continue reading

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Happy One Year Anniversary

to! Thanks for pointing that out, John. I would have missed it completely. Maybe I’ll have some thoughts to post after a dip in the pool. My brain is sweating…

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nasty skank byotch

Well, normally I don’t use language like that on my blog but it’s the name of a blog I occasionally visit. The guy who writes it is a friend of Sue’s from her London days (sheesh, would be nice if … Continue reading

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A New Look

Hmmm. I inadvertently changed my presentation theme to “Freshy” yesterday. I think I might sit with it a bit. I like that the “pages” are showcased along the top and also that I get to make my own image header. … Continue reading

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