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My Second Job

I have spotted evidence that is actually using the press releases I occasionally write for them (for $50 a piece). It’s not particularly interesting, but if you’re curious as to how much writing I’ll do for $50 (1 page) … Continue reading

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My Weekend Starts Now!

A proper post needs containment, and sometimes I don’t have the  presence of mind for all that corralling of my thoughts. Especially after two hours of TV (My Name is Earl, The New Sara Silverman Show, and Grey’s Anatomy). And … Continue reading

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AARP Tax Help

I don’t even know what AARP stands for, but I know the AARP Foundation offers an incredible service locally every tax season. They train smart retired folks to help people file taxes for FREE! And not only that, the AARP … Continue reading

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back to work

After 36 hours in bed I think I’m ready to go back to work. Luckily I’m working on a project for the next couple weeks that does not require as much showmanship as other aspects of my job seem to … Continue reading

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no school for two weeks!

I am up past midnight and I will not be setting my alarm for 5:30 am, thank you very much. I have gotten so bad at waking up this school year that I have reverted to my newsboy tricks. When … Continue reading

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my inner bossiness

I got dressed up nice and facilitated my first six-hour staff development by myself today . Well, there was another coach there, but I was the big boss. I had things written on chart paper, I decided when to break, … Continue reading

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