Thai Critters

This last weekend we spent time walking on the beach because it was so much more pleasant than walking on the dusty road avoiding rubble and mangy stray dogs. I was intrigued and then charmed by the designs the crabs made in the sand with the little sandballs ejected from their living quarters. It seemed that each crab created a unique pattern. As you approached, dozens of silvery crabs would disappear in your peripheral vision. They moved so fast it was hard to see them at all.

This is a crabby urban area. The previous picture was in the crab boondocks.

Once when we were walking along the road (looking for a good coffee house) we practically stumbled over these strange leaf structures. Sue says they’re ant houses. And usually they’re found in trees. We looked up, and sure enough we saw inhabited ones high up among the branches. There were so many ants marching along the branches that you could really see why those blinking outlines in computer programs are called “marching ants:” never-ending movement. Scary. Apparently, if you are unlucky enough to have one fall on your head, you could easily be killed from all the angry ant bites; the Thai equivalent of messing with a hornet’s nest.

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