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Train Trip to LA

When Chad told me that seventeen people (25 now) had been killed in a train crash in Pasadena Friday night, we almost pulled the plug on our train-to-LA adventure for Saturday; but then using the logic that lightening doesn’t hit … Continue reading

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Art in Chinatown

I grabbed a list of Chinatown galleries culled from ArtForum’s Picks and Flavorpill’s “Back-to-School Gallery Opening Guide” and hoofed it up to LA today, after first dropping Bella off at school, my brother-in-law at his friend’s house, and my sister-in-law’s … Continue reading

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I'm more Sprinkles than you are

I first heard about Sprinkles cupcakes because some (trendy) body wanted to treat everybody at Chad’s work to a Sprinkles cupcake for his birthday. He let everybody choose their own deletable flavor online (be sure to scroll over the flavor … Continue reading

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Spring Break plans

I’m just taking a little break from working through my thesis here and thinking about spring break. I will not be going to NYC, but to Laguna to see my honey and go house-shopping. (I also found out that the … Continue reading

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San Francisco Day 1

After years of doggedly chasing the cheapest way to LAX (bus shuttles from Joshua Tree and rides with friends) I finally broke down this year and bought a year’s membership to Wally Park, a huge spotted parking structure a mile … Continue reading

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Chosun Kalbi

While I am very pleased to be back in touch with my cousin and his family from Berekely – I have to say that one of the greatest side benefits has been getting introduced to good Korean restaurants in Los … Continue reading

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L.A. art notes

Remember when I posted about Kathryn Andrews; her art work and curatorial projects? Well, she keeps moving forward and if I lived any closer, I would definitely attend the first opening reception of apartment 2 this Friday, December 1, 2006, … Continue reading

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LAX brunch

This was rec’d by my friend Betsy, who just dropped her daughter off at LAX on Saturday: Caffé Latte at 6254 Wilshire, east of La Cienaga and west of La Brea on the south side of the street Now that … Continue reading

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