Spring Break plans

I’m just taking a little break from working through my thesis here and thinking about spring break. I will not be going to NYC, but to Laguna to see my honey and go house-shopping. (I also found out that the Matta-Clark show is coming to LA next.)

Since I will have Bella and Dawkins I will try and work in some fun too.

Friday: Leave for Laguna after school.

Saturday: Go house shopping with the real estate agent.

Sunday: House shopping.

Monday: House shopping.

Tuesday: House shopping.

Wednesday: Seaworld (remember – $55/day=a year-long pass)

Thursday: Hair cuts in Beverly Hills, art, dinner with friends (one who will have just turned forty).

Friday: Clothes shopping (Loehmann’s and a mall).

Saturday: Check out the LA transit system?? Explore downtown? See art? See the exhibition WACK! at MoCA?

Sunday: Drive home.

Is four days enough time to find a new home? Will the weather be nice enough to go to the beach?

and some things I want to fit in:

1. Check out Damien Hirst’s show at Gagosian Gallery (fits well with the Beverly Hills day.)

2. See Kathryn Andrews’ work in a group show at Jack Hanley Gallery in Chinatown.

3. See my cousins who will be in Newport for the week (from Berkeley).

4. See Kim Abeles’ two solo shows in Newport. See email flyer below.

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