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My Version of “Summer Camp”

I’m in hot, humid Boca Raton for 18 days and it’s turning out just fine. I’m learning tons of new things (beekeeping, canning…); experiencing some incredible wild life (nesting sea turtles); and spending time with some of my favorite people … Continue reading

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Must-Do-This-Weekend List or How Many Balls Can Jeannie Juggle Without Falling Down?

1. Apply for this job as associate editor at Water Garden News. 2. Apply for this job as editorial assistant at Entrepreneur Magazine (both in Irvine). 3. Create a rental flyer for my house to post at the district office … Continue reading

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It All Adds Up

Perhaps my office looks like this And my desk looks like this Because I can’t bear to throw away things; like this bit of cardboard packaging with three scratch-and-sniff stickers from the six-pack of body butter I bought at costco … Continue reading

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Spring Break plans

I’m just taking a little break from working through my thesis here and thinking about spring break. I will not be going to NYC, but to Laguna to see my honey and go house-shopping. (I also found out that the … Continue reading

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new year's resolutions

Korean tradition has the children bowing to their parents on New Year’s Day to show their respect. In return, the parents give the children a symbolic gift of money. Traditionally we also eat ttuk duk, which is a soup made … Continue reading

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last weekend of the year to-do list

1. Discuss the wedding guest list. (Apparently the thing to do is to make three lists: must invite, should invite, would be nice to invite…) 2. Put away Christmas decorations. 3. Bring live tree outside. (note: look into buying drip … Continue reading

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