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YMCA Asks Breastfeeding Mother to Leave Play Area

I was shocked to hear somebody at that our local YMCA could be so ignorant as to really believe that children should not be exposed to breastfeeding. But Maura was really asked to leave and nurse in the locker room … Continue reading

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Deputy Marriage Commissioner for a Day

Something I like about life? It is so dang unpredictable. I was asked to solemnize a marriage ceremony in Joshua Tree. This is not something I have ever wished to do. Neither is it something anybody in my family has … Continue reading

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Kyrgyzstan Scholarship

Many of you know that my brother Songbae, once a well-heeled finance banker in NYC, is now working for a non-profit economic development organization in Kyrgyzstan. He’s returning to his Peace Corps roots, I think. In any case he’s setting … Continue reading

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A friend of a friend…

The provenance of this story: Just got this email from my brother. He got it from a good friend Marc. Marc went to college with Pieter who wrote the emails below from the first-hand experience of working in Haiti last … Continue reading

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So you want to be a community organizer…

I highly recommend Barack Obama’s autobiography, Dream from My Father. Damn, it’s good. I’ve never heard of somebody wanting to grow up and be a community organizer – I mean, what does a community organizer DO anyway? Apparently they really … Continue reading

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A Ridiculously Great Loot Bag

The World Breastfeeding Week Picnic is now right around the corner (August 1 at Alta Laguna Park from 11 am- 2 pm) and next Tuesday we will be assembling our 100 gift bags. These bags are the best FREE gift … Continue reading

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Craft and Game Booths

Back a few months ago I attended a May Day Faire at the Waldorf School of Orange County; I was so inspired by that family event that everything I’ve been doing to help with the World Breastfeeding Week Picnic has … Continue reading

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World Breastfeeding Week Picnic

I’m up late trying my hand at event promotion – and it’s turning out to be fun! (Who would have guessed that I would enjoy roping people into supporting La Leche League? Okay, maybe it was a no-brainer…) Today I … Continue reading

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Beco Auction!

Do you know anybody who wants a Beco Carrier? The local La Leche League is having an online Beco auction for three brand new Beco Carriers and right now, the highest bid is $50. These carriers normally retail for $140 … Continue reading

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I am from BOMbay! INdia!

Two days ago I was driving up to a posh gated neighborhood to drop off one of Bella’s friends. The road leads up to a neighborhood where the houses are $700,000 to at least a million, easy. I was stopped … Continue reading

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