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Cuspidors and Bright Teeth

Nothing like sitting back in a dentist’s chair with a tube in my mouth sucking out all the spit to make me long for an old-fashioned cuspidor; that white porcelain spittoon with swirling water and a small metal stand for … Continue reading

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November Vogue

A moment of thesis-related poignancy from Cate Blanchett: “Why do so many people seek stardom as its own end? I have a theory about the obsession with celebrity that seems to have consumed so much of our world: Don’t you … Continue reading

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I :( TSA

They made me throw away $60 of Lancome make-up, including a brand new mascara, Hypnose, that I had been saving for the reunion! I knew that I wasn’t allowed to bring liquids, but I had no idea that included foundation … Continue reading

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September Issue of Vogue

Wow, that issue is huge. Through the course of several meals (I’ve reverted to my habit of reading during solitary meals) I actually flipped through every single page of the 750-page fall extravangaza issue of Vogue. And, I have to … Continue reading

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womanly maintenance

Nothing like a great haircut to perk up my mood. I have been getting my haircut by my talented friend Nu (at Bruno and Soonie in Beverly Hills) for the last fifteen years and she amazes me every time. Nu … Continue reading

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face cream dilemma

Even though I am a grown woman, with my own house, job and kid, I have never bought my own face cream. (In a certain way, it harkens back to my college friend who had her mother ship her tampons … Continue reading

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