womanly maintenance

Nothing like a great haircut to perk up my mood. I have been getting my haircut by my talented friend Nu (at Bruno and Soonie in Beverly Hills) for the last fifteen years and she amazes me every time. Nu insisted I get color (#50 and #60 demi-color by Wella) too, once she heard that I was going to my 20th high school reunion next week. Then I went next door and had my eyebrows waxed by Sandra at Umberto’s: a once-a-year treat. My waxed eyebrows sure make me feel fancy (not to mention, look slightly surprised!)

While Bella was getting her deluxe treatment (Nu is her unofficial godmother), I walked down past Rodeo Drive, past the corner with the Cartier, DeBeers, Chanel and David Yurman stores and to Gagosian Gallery to see large black and white prints by Hiroshi Sugimoto of Joe, the sculpture by Richard Serra. This gallery is spacious and well-lit and these photographs looked pretty good – more like painted psychic landscapes than photos of sculpture or architecture. The surface was so glossy and the perspective so skewed, that there wasn’t much place for the viewer to enter the photograph, except through the dream feeling conveyed by the blurred geometric shapes. One photograph upstairs was an exceptionally spooky; the sides of Joe careen away from the eye into a narrow dark passage into the center of the spiral mass of metal.

Pretty sad that I plan my art outings around my hair appointments, and then Bella’s highlights took so long that we missed seeing Tony Oursler at Margo Leaven. (Tony Oursler is a safe bet for Bella, as is Bill Viola, Gabriel Orozco, Tim Hawkins and, and… damn, I can’t remember the other guy she likes. We saw him first at Feature inc in nyc, and then again in London… He likes  to work with construction paper, human hair, aluminum foil, etc. I can’t remember, and darn it, doesn’t look like he’s represented by Feature inc. anymore. Ha! found it – Bella likes Tom Friedman too.)

Bella is feeling better. No crying today, only a small tantrum at school when teachers started congratulating her on my engagement (oops).

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