Gordon Matta-Clark Retrospective

Aw geez. I was thinking about planning a little ski trip to Brianhead, Utah for spring break the first week of April, but now it’s looking like I’d rather go to NYC and see all the art there right now. I especially want to catch the Gordon Matta-Clark retrospective at the Whitney, which is there until June 3. Read Ouroussoff’s review in the NYTimes here. Or I could stay at home and actually start to figure out the rest of my life- you know, organize a place to live and find a job.

By then my thesis will be turned in – what’s the expression my friend Laura used? She asked me something like, What’s your absolute against-the-wall deadline? (Sounds like the name of a stiff drink in a literary bar – I’ll have an “Against the Wall.” hmm, just realized I don’t know how to punctuate drink names – guess that’s something I never had to teach a middle schooler.)

That deadline would be April 1, 2007.

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