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Beginnings and Ends

Hello, My name is Jeannie and I like to begin things. It’s really, really hard for me to finish things. I also suffer from the related affliction of procrastination. It’s just that the idea of something has, let’s face it, … Continue reading

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Bedrest for Titi

I have a heck of time finishing projects. It’s not just procrastination, but also a small dose of boredom and a great deal of resistance to finicky detail. I get excited once the end is in sight, and somehow lose … Continue reading

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Baby Step

When somebody says they think I’m brave or gutsy or full of confidence, I have to snort. It’s nice that I can appear that way, but fear; fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of pain, fear of unintentionally … Continue reading

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Just When I Was About to Get On With My Life

We finished the last episode of Season 3 of Battlestar Galatica last night – that show is scarily addictive. I love that the show is really about dealing with the underlying questions that might arise if there were less than … Continue reading

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Sometimes in the river of my psyche a project gets trapped by an underflow. A current of cold water drags this project deep under water and pushes it up against a log. And the project sits. and sits. While the … Continue reading

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