Sometimes in the river of my psyche a project gets trapped by an underflow. A current of cold water drags this project deep under water and pushes it up against a log. And the project sits. and sits. While the rest of life keeps coursing over and beyond it. The project sits.

It develops sedentary properties; it grow a little moss – and other smaller projects tumble upon it and make it grow in size. The project sits for so long that it becomes part of the general landscape. The project just sits.

I thought that GTD might help me and my projects from getting caught by sucker currents like that, but it turns out that procrastination is different from organization. GTD does help me find and retrieve old stuck projects, but now new projects keep floating out of my grasp. Or perhaps it’s just a new sense of balance and I’m falling in and out of practice with it.

Am presently working on wedding thank you cards.

It is a difficult, but rewarding task. It’s also twice as difficult now than it would have been two months ago when my memory of the wedding was so much fresher.

Have we really only been married 3 1/2 months?

Cake by Wendy Edwards. Photo by Stephanie Fowler of

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