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A Drinking Club with a Running Problem

Normally when I travel I like to have an adventure or two – but my biggest adventure this trip may have been to a mall at the other end of town, where I learned the art of book binding for … Continue reading

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Carbs and Running

Bella gets extra credit for sharing a newspaper or magazine article with her biology class – extra extra credit if she makes a power point presentation. So, I showed her how to pull together a little power point and it … Continue reading

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Donate Used Running Shoes

Blogging overload. Yesterday was a little too much time on the computer thinks I. My blogger’s forearm is acting up and I’m feeling verrry spacey. I got a comment today on my post, “How to pick a Good Running Shoe,” … Continue reading

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Icing It Down

I went to a “mandatory” parent meeting for cross-country this week. Just before I left the house, Bella called out to me, “Coach says to bring your checkbook!” Checkbook indeed. A couple hundred dollars later… I don’t want to grumble … Continue reading

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Godspeed, Little Doodle!

Bella ran her first track meet today: 3 miles in 27 minutes. Yesterday she officially made the cross country team by running 4 miles in 29 miles. She’s taking this all very seriously – coach said no greasy food or … Continue reading

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How to Pick a Good Running Shoe

Call me a sucker if you want, but after four trips to the shoe store and hundreds of dollars later, I’m a believer. No more will I ever think I have enough know-how to just walk into a Famous Footwear … Continue reading

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She Who Runs

My poor kid has blisters the size of two thumbnails, one on the arch of each foot. She also has smaller blisters on her third toe of each foot. We leave the house every morning at 5:45 am, and I … Continue reading

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nutrition for runners

Chad’s parents are convinced that Chad and I are getting sick more frequently this winter because we lost too much weight at once. Chad’s lost about thirty pounds and I lost about fifteen pounds over a period of three months … Continue reading

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Denial – a river in egypt?

In Laguna at the moment, and just back from a 1 1/2 hour run. I wore my old running shoes and it reminded me of the Death Valley Marathon I ran with these sneaks in 2004. Chad is getting pretty … Continue reading

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my resolve

I resolve to stop my namby-pamby complaining. Listening to disc 5 of The Two Towers on my hour run gave me some perspective this morning. Heck, Gandalf survived fighting the Balrog and made his way back from the bowels of … Continue reading

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