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That's my girl!

Bella joined the Girl’s Track and Field team, and today was her first day of practice. The rest of the team (64 girls) have been training all summer, and just got back from running camp this weekend; Bella was the … Continue reading

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Songbae's Advice to a College Freshman

My niece-in-law is starting college this week; as she happens to be interested in Songbae’s field (international business), he sent her a few words of advice: 1. she should choose any major she’s interested in. 2. unless she wants to … Continue reading

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Good Things About Living Around Retired Folks

1. It’s quiet. 2. There are people around during the day. 3. Folks stay up late and are up early. 4. People drive relatively slowly and carefully around the neighborhood. 5. There are lots of (other) well-tended little doggies for … Continue reading

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More on Credit Cards

As I said in my notes from the last Money Talk, the best part of meeting monthly is actually happening between each meeting; that is, each month, different women in the group are taking concrete steps towards managing their finances. … Continue reading

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Top 100 Blogs at Any One Given Moment

Technorati’s top 100 blogs here, according to the number of other blogs linking to them. Some ones I’ve heard of, and even ones I read are in there, including dooce (#48).

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My friend, the poet

A poem of Caryn Davidson’s can be found in the recent Desert Writers issue of The Sun Runner here. It was written for the Celestial Rhythms Celebration last year in Joshua Tree. You can see another poem of hers, “Jesus … Continue reading

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To Be Someone

While I made (organic) chicken soup for Chad’s brother when he was sick, and then again when Chad got the same thing, when I finally caught the head cold, I didn’t make soup. Instead, I dragged myself out of bed … Continue reading

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All Hail the Lord of Catan

Things have started looking up – in fact, I’m realizing that my gloomy mood of late might well have had more to do with this mild, but persistent head cold I’ve had for the last two weeks, than my circumstances, … Continue reading

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No Need for Caffeine

I’ve always hated the unsteady cam – the handheld camera shot that makes me feel nauseated and queasy – but I have never seen it used as effectively as in The Bourne Ultimatum. This movie reaches action movie hall of … Continue reading

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This Calls for a Trip to the Mall

As much as I love the weather and the location, moving is hard. It’s learning where the post office is, finding my way to the freeway, and setting up a new kitchen. It’s Bella finding out that her best friend … Continue reading

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