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Golf in South Orange County

My parents are coming to visit for a week and I’ve hit upon a wonderful scheme. This year, instead of buying “things” for gifts, we got them tee times! It’s a win-win situation, because my folks, just like energetic kids … Continue reading

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North Korea Opens Up

But transliteration is still painful; the North Korean town that is now open to tourists is named Gay Song. Watch a 2:35 minute BBC news clip about it here (but be prepared to watch a 20 sec commercial first).

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Miami Pics

The main strip of fancy hotels where we did the bulk of our shmoozing and networking (and non-alcoholic drinking). In the lobby of the Delano, my favorite lobby of the aforementioned fancy places. Mannequin boobs – hmm, just as big … Continue reading

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After waking up at 5 am to catch my shuttle (that’s 2 am for my not-yet acclimated west coast body), I first needed to zone out, nap heavily, eat my bagel sandwich and drink my free airplane ginger ale before … Continue reading

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Tonight I met one of the two artists I wrote about in my master’s thesis: George Bures Miller. He is as nice a guy in real life as he was in all the emails we exchanged. (He told me he … Continue reading

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So This is Miami

I know I live in southern California, twenty minutes from gorgeous Laguna beaches, but I discovered this morning, that’s not the same thing as being in Miami. We rolled out of bed this morning and headed straight to the beach … Continue reading

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It’s funny, now that I’m a mother I am ultra-prepared when I travel, even when I’m on my own with no kid to mind. Good thing too, because on the plane they ran out of turkey sandwiches ($5/each) before they … Continue reading

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I’m jazzed up the way I get before a big trip: throwing underwear into the air and scrambling through the closet to find clothes that teeter between casual and dressy, depending on the shoes I wear. I’ve also packed way … Continue reading

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Things Not to Say to Your Pregnant Wife

“Honey, you don’t look pregnant – that’s what your belly always looks like.”   This pic was taken by Corrina the day after Thanksgiving, and I swear the shine glinting off my bulging belly was not photoshopped in.   Can … Continue reading

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A Better Home Birth

A wonderful thing about blogging is that whenever I post a question or predicament, I have friends (and friendly strangers) immediately sending me possible answers and solutions. In the case of my recent post “Me, Preggers” I got lots of … Continue reading

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