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Six Month Delay

My sister and I used to skype way back in the day – when international calling was still pretty expensive. We would have dual pane real-time instant messaging, which meant simply that she could type and I could type our … Continue reading

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Waldorf Informational Meeting Agenda

This it the first agenda I’ve written since I left teaching public school. We’re getting pretty serious about our playgroup and it’s exciting! We’ll start in September and I’ll go first. I collected all the craft dues and we set … Continue reading

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Lamb Roast and Green Pea Soup

To celebrate spring I made my first ever lamb roast and a green pea soup made from fresh (frozen) peas, not dried split peas. Everything was delightfully diferent to my palate and delicious. I don’t think I’ve ever cooked lamb … Continue reading

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Just a Very Small Piece of My Soul

I just put my very first bit of advertising on womantalk. My brother asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him I could use another nursing tank top, Mark Bittman’s book How To Cook Everything, or … Continue reading

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Parlor Tricks

A couple weeks ago, Christian discovered his tongue, and ever since, he’s been perfecting his baby sign for “dog.” The baby sign is (often) panting with your tongue hanging out, but Christian’s original version was just heavy breathing (only cute … Continue reading

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Phung Huynh

When The Year of the Golden Pig dawned in 2007, reportedly millions of Chinese women were enthusiastically working towards having the good fortune of giving birth to a golden piglet: a child who would be blessed with lifelong prosperity. Phung … Continue reading

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More Pig Stuff

We had a joint playdate (diaperfree+attachment parenting meetup) in Irvine today – yes, the OC town where two kids have been diagnosed as having the dreaded swine flu. But as with all but one of the American cases of the … Continue reading

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