Montana de oro

As Chad put it, our best Thanksgiving ever. I was only sad not to spend it with Bella, but she spent her Thanksgiving with her dad in Joshua Tree (and was very excited about experiencing Black Friday at the Cabazon Outlet Mall).

North view from the bluff walk.

Another view.

We spent the first day walking along the bluff to the south - this is all walking distance from our campground.

When we hit the fence, we headed inland up Coon Creek.

When we got to the fence we headed inland up Coon Creek.

The air was extra-oxygenated from all the pounding surf, and we felt invigorated, despite having got up at 3 am.

Typical layered sedimentary rock formations along the coast.

A close-up, because I spent the whole trip marveling over the rock.

We managed to use only cloth diapers on this trip - here's Christian reading The Foot Book while on the can.

On Thanksgiving day we spent the morning at a private beach, and in the afternoon we hiked through sand dunes to Hazard Reef.

It was some of the most desolate and beautiful beach I've experienced.

I went for a swim, but as I didn't have my suit, we didn't take any pictures.

The beach went on for miles and we only saw birds.

We hiked through a eucalyptus forest as the sun was setting and got lots of God light.

Back to the parking lot, and then camp, where we had the most delicious roasted chili dogs ever (over a eucalyptus wood fire).

Looking back at the campground entrance from Spooner Cove.

At Spooner Cove this morning, just before leaving for a hotel room and hot shower in Santa Barbara.

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