Amy Yoes at CB1 Gallery

Amy Yoes’ white and black constructed installation fills the front room of the gallery like a haughty, well-bred aunt, who might prefer that you not mention the faint similarity to the mash-up of architectural ornament that is Disneyland’s ride, It’s a Small World. Indeed, the sculptural is elegant and speaks of a modernist connection with clean lines and geometric shapes, despite the ornamental trim. Hidden alcoves and nooks are well lit and encourage the eye to explore, even to the floor and all the way up to the lofty ceiling. The hand-painted surface adds visual pleasure and intrigue to the looking; and despite an initial sense of sterile angularity, every surface has been touched: sometimes the black is intentionally abraded to resemble newsprint and there are areas of gradient shades gray. Yoes’ black-and-white silver gelatin prints in the front room add more “spatial conundrum” to the show, while Hilde Overbergh’s oils on linen in the west gallery continue the conversation of interior abstracts in color (CB1 Gallery, Downtown).

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