I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

I’ve just received yet another package of hand-me-down baby goodies from yet another friend. That makes six or seven baby packages I’ve received now, not including all the gifts pressed into my hands every time I walk into another mother’s house. I’m getting books, baby clothes, cloth diapers, bibs, maternity clothes, lanolin (for my soon-to-be nursing boobs), a snugli baby carrier, baby blankets, a lambskin, and more!

It’s wonderful how impending babies create such a spirit of generosity and support. I remember this as mom of a young one; there was an never-ending of baby goods being passed from one mother to the next. I always had one box of clothes Bella could grow into and another box of things she’d outgrown, ready to pass along.

That, plus that fact that I actually sent out my new year’s cards this year and a group of old college friends have gotten in touch with me via facebook means that I am suddenly catching up with lots of terrific friends sending out good vibes. I really feel buoyed up by love and positive support.

Even my mom, for whom my last pregnancy was a near-catastrophe (because of the baby’s father and the fact that I had not yet won the Nobel Prize), is sending me packages of maternity clothes regularly; it’s like she can’t walk by a billowy blouse or a moo-moo and not think of me.

Thanks Everybody! (sniff)

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