Giddy with Points

Songbae has just given Sue and I a really fun gift.

A really, really fun gift.

He said, “Hey you guys, I don’t have time to use my credit card reward points – want ’em?”

Heck yeah we do. He has 111, 211 socked away on a site where a 160 gig ipod is 47,000 points!! Check out the things you can get with reward points here.

So despite the fact that we are already drowning in ipods at this house, that’s what we’re getting with our half of the points. The deal is, Chad gets the new 160 G, I get his “old” 80G, and Bella gets his “old” Bose ipod dock speaker. (He argues that he uses his ipod more than any other possession he has ever had…) And actually we discovered that if we cash the points in for gift cards at Circuit City and then buy the 160 G ipod there, that we will have $70 leftover and used less points than if we bought the ipod at the reward site directly. See all the scheming fun we’re having?

Sue and Joss  have already picked out their share of goodies too.

Which still leaves enough leftover for about $$150 worth of gift cards. I am so getting a pair of maternity blue jeans!

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