Leafy Green Soup

Eating all the greens in our CSA basket every two weeks is proving to be a challenging task – but something I know is worth the effort.

The last few times we got a huge leafy green thing with a large bulb at the bottom called broccoli raab. By huge I mean the thing was as long as my arm and would barely fit in my fridge. After throwing away two, I finally got the courage to pull the third one out of the fridge to wash and chop it up. According the the CSA recipes from South Coast Farm, the entire thing was edible – bulb and leafies all. The bulb needed the outer skin removed and tasted like a fresh broccoli stalk. I don’t know if it’s just been all the rain we’ve been having, but one broccoli raab made a gigantic pile of greens.I put water, a few chopped hot Italian sausages, 4-5 chopped potatoes, and all the broccoli raab into the crock pot. It made a delicious soup!

I can’t believe what a chicken I’ve been about trying it out. Now I have a bowl of that soup  a day and I feel like Pop-eye eating his spinach. Now I need to get through all the tatsoi and green chard…We got three varieties of broccoli this week too. Cream of Broccoli is up after I make a borscht with all the beets.

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