While Hiking Seven Miles on Sunday

Me: So, now you can’t call me a wimp anymore.

Chad: I never called you a wimp. You hiked 22 miles to the top of San Jacinto this time last year. You’re not a wimp.

M: You did so call me a wimp in so many words!

C: Well, we could’ve have hiked a little faster….[punctuated by a punch to the upper arm]


Chad and I spent another lovely day in the Cleveland National Forest this past weekend hiking the Upper Bear Canyon Trail to Four Corners. No water in the creek bed but lots and lots of pale green spiky paw-paw and flowers of every variety. We parked across from the Candy Store again – although this hike is on the same side as the Candy Store. We found the hike in a little book called Best Easy Day Hikes: Orange County by Randy Vogel. We discovered once we got to the Four Corners that it was only another 1.3 miles to Sitton Peak, which we plan to bag next weekend before we head over to the CSA Members Day Potluck at South Coast Farms in San Juan Capistrano.

In the meantime, Chad’s come across a plethora of south OC hiking guides – several of which have many pages available online. For example, Afoot and Afield Orange County and 101 Hikes in Southern California. Now we just need to find a good one on swimming holes and hot springs!

And no need to worry – I’m not planning on having a Ben-from-Lost style labor and birth in the woods – we are hiking very slowly, taking lots of rests, and I’m not carrying anything (besides the baby). I had my 32-week prenatal appointment today and everything is tip-top: I’ve gained 25.5 pounds; my blood pressure is good; and the baby is as active as ever. (Also his or her head is firmly engaged in my pelvis, which is the position you want in the last month.) Next visit is a home visit, meaning our midwife comes to us mid-May.

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