Proud Mama

Just in case I’ve been complaining about Bella and not giving her enough kudos I wanted to take a minute and applaud her.

The night before her last two track meets she has gone to bed early with her lunch already packed and sitting on the kitchen counter top and her two water bottles already filled and sitting chilled in the fridge. Last week she told me she was definitely going to beat her Personal Record for the mile (6:09 min) and she did. She ran it in 6:07. Then today she smashed her old record and ran the mile in SIX MINUTES. Hurray!

And to top it off, she got her transcript yesterday and her GPA is 4.0 and she is ranked THIRD in her freshman class of 790 students.


P.S. What you can’t see in those pictures are her ear plugs… she happens to be very scared of gunshots and had been starting her races with her fingers plugging both ears.

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