it's all about the prep work


That’s the entire old thesis, pulled into post-it chunks of info and categorized into four chapters. I’m starting to remember that writing, like painting a house, is mainly about all the set-up and thinking. The part I associate with writing, the intense hours hunched over a keyboard where words just gush out of you, are as few as the moments in house-painting where you really get to slap a paintbrush up and down.
And it looks like I’ve done more today than I have. I spent this entire morning basically getting ready for my first day of work tomorrow – not just shaving the pits, getting rid of the moustache (yikes!), but fielding calls from my boss and co-workers, and answering lots of emails filled with pre-September ramped-up energy. Those crazy teachers.
This is my proposed schedule:

one chapter done by the time Bella comes home, Aug 22.

two chaps before my trip to Laughlin (yee haw!), Sept 1

three chaps before my 20th Walt Whitman HS reunion (gulp.), Oct 6

a complete draft done well before Thanksgiving, Nov 10

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