I was very excited by the prospect of having six extra points today on account of having run for 1/2 hour and planning on going to yoga. So, I decided to blow them all on one delectable container of Brown Cow cream-top maple yogurt. I was sitting there, lapping up all 5+ points of creamy fatness and slowly flipping through an old Sunset magazine when I realized I was late! I hopped into the car and tried to drive really fast – but halfway there I knew I had blown it. I hate getting to yoga class after all the om-ing. So, I turned around and came back.
On the up side, I figured I could try my new Bikram beginning yoga CD. Now, don’t let that “beginning” lull you into any complacency. I am relatively flexible (intermediate yoga at the local place) and relatively strong (run five times a week) and Bikram kicks my butt every time. Every time. And I don’t even do it at the insane hot temperature you’re supposed to do it at (in fact, I turn the cooler on).

I came back home, synced it to my mini, turned the bose speaker up and had at it. I did this same 90-minute session about two weeks ago with Maya, Damian, and Corrina, and haven’t done it since, but strangely I felt as if I had improved. Very satisfying.
The Bikram guy is crazy – telling me that the more I hurt, the happier I should feel, because “the more benefit I take away,” but I like it. And I think it is helping my knee (the one with the reconstructed ACL).

I think Songbae should start doing Bikram yoga – there are probably tons of studios in San Francisco. Speaking of which, I might venture into a real Bikram studio next time I am in LA. I spied one at the corner of La Cienaga and Sawyer (right on the edge of Venice and Culver City). The first class is free (I think). Anybody else interested?

P.S. Just browsed the Bikram Yoga site and discovered that what I saw was the World Headquarters of Bikram Yoga! No mention of free classes. A single class is $20 and there are six classes a day M-F, two on Sat and Sun. I might have to stick with my CD, er, mp3 files.

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