My sister, Sue, and her family are coming in about three weeks and I’m getting excited! The logistics are a bit screwy, as we are officially MOVING to a new place on the 31st as well, but unofficially our new landlords have said that we can most likely move in all our stuff on Sunday, July 27. That gives me, let’s see, three whole days of unpacking the contents of our collective lives one-handed (other hand holds the baby). I think it can be done.

At least it’s less hectic than last summer when we were entertaining friends and family from out of town and getting married the week before moving away from a town I’d lived in for fifteen years. This time we’re packing in stages far in advance and we’re just moving to the neighborhood across the street. And Chad, my hard-working husband, is here to kick my butt into gear. (It’s just that I only have one arm to work with; it’s taking me three days just to pack a small bookcase in my bedroom!)

But while I’m pacing around the house with a baby slung over my shoulder, I’m thinking about all the things we might want to do while Sue, Joss, and Nabi Grace are here (in pairs or in rotation with the babies). They’ll be here until August 9, at which time Bella, Christian and I will join them at my parents’ house in Virginia:

  • cuddle and exclaim over our respectively cute babies
  • take lots of pictures of the cousins (Bella, Christian and Nabi Grace) meeting for the first time
  • go to the beach (probably Tablerock in Laguna Beach)
  • go biking (click here for a video on a trail Chad rides regularly)
  • get our hair done at Bruno and Soonie’s (in Beverly Hills)
  • go to the Getty (big video art retrospective going on)
  • go to the Huntington Gardens, perhaps have an English Tea (free entrance the first Thursday of each month)
  • join the LLL moms at a toddlers’ playgroup (first Wednesday of the month at Cabot Park)
  • hang out in LA, maybe go to the farmer’s market or go to the Museum of Jurassic Technology
  • eat lots (kielbasa with rice and eggs in the morning – kielbasa comes in three packs at Costco, Mexican food, tonkatsu pork chops, Boar’s Head liverwurst, Sprinkles cupcakes, maybe a roast or a lasagna or a chicken enchiladas)
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