my resolve

I resolve to stop my namby-pamby complaining. Listening to disc 5 of The Two Towers on my hour run gave me some perspective this morning. Heck, Gandalf survived fighting the Balrog and made his way back from the bowels of the earth; Aragorn, Gimli and Legalos don’t even know if any of the hobbits are still alive and are getting, on average, two hours of sleep; and folks are on the brink of war. Makes me want to start fiddling with the LCD projector I have for the weekend… but that would take me too far away from the writing. I’ve only seen the film once, and now I’m looking forward to seeing it again.

And hell, with Hezbollah and Israel going on, Jonbenet’s killer being caught; I feel like I have it pretty sweet here in Joshua Tree, plodding along with my writing. If I get three more pages done today – I’m getting pretty close to being done with one chapter by the time Bella gets home Tuesday night (since I’m stitching old material with new).
And the sky is very blue today. I live closer to the park than I ever have before and I am appreciating the views on my run. Here are a couple typical views in Joshua Tree National Park, for those of you who have never taken me up on my visit-me-anytime-offer.

03-25-06_1135.jpg Pics I took from two different hikes last fall. 05-20-06_1825.jpg

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