With Some Elbow Grease and a Shoehorn

Boy, it is sure harder to move into a smaller place than to move into a larger one. From Joshua Tree, we moved from 1,100 square feet (just me and Bella) to 1,800 square feet (me, Bella, Chad, and his brother); and now we’re down to 950 square feet (me, Bella, Chad, and Christian).

Moving into a larger place felt like a large luxurious stretch with the added bonus of lots of (initially) empty space. I felt like I just unpacked my stuff and it disappeared. There was plenty of storage and little need to sort through old memory boxes.

Whereas moving into a smaller place requires lots of hard decisions and face-to-face confrontations with OBJECTS. It’s a struggle. But don’t get me wrong – I like it!

We got rid of lots of furniture (sofas, desks, TVs) before we left the old place. We have continued passing along old toys and winnowing books, but we are barely fitting into our new place. Take for instance, our new closet. Chad and I went from a walk-in closet and an additional closet (shoes and dresses) to a single regular wall closet. Poor guy, the clothes are packed so tightly that he can’t find his favorite shirts. And he’s already down to just a few feet of closet rod, having packed and stored his winter clothes in the garage.

Living squished up against your possessions is no fun, so, I’ve resolved: We WILL fit comfortably in this (very cute) new place.

That means I’m rolling up my sleeves. I’ve gotten rid of the clothes I don’t wear anymore, but I think now even the clothes I wear sometimes may have to go out the door. It’s going to be a tough love hierarchy; if I don’t LOVE it, I’m losing it.

Back to posting on criagslist and freecycle. And Salvation Army drop-offs.

Does anybody need some work clothes? I’ll be getting rid of some dress shirts this week, since I won’t be working in an office or classroom anytime soon.

My goal is to have as much done as possible by next Wednesday, when I host the bunco group for the first time ever. Twelve women getting rowdy and rolling dice. Can’t wait!

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