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Optimistic Opportunist

My siblings arrive for a visit in approximately seven weeks. I’ve decided to try and complete one large onerous organizational household task each week until then. It’s not so much that I care what they think about my house (they … Continue reading

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An Update on Greasing the Shoehorn

So yesterday, after pumping myself up with that post about cleaning out my closet, I went and did it. I through all the shirts, pants, skirts, and dresses in my closet and asked myself, “Do I love it? Does it … Continue reading

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With Some Elbow Grease and a Shoehorn

Boy, it is sure harder to move into a smaller place than to move into a larger one. From Joshua Tree, we moved from 1,100 square feet (just me and Bella) to 1,800 square feet (me, Bella, Chad, and his … Continue reading

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I'm a Believer

I missed my nap today because I got too caught up in the craigslist world. I had no idea that craigslist was this massive moving freeway of exchange and that once I jumped on I would be hurtled down a … Continue reading

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the Five-Year project

Coming from a generation of folks (okay, the tail-end of that generation) who pored over the Whole Earth Catalog, every time Steward Brand‘s name comes up my interest is piqued. I’m always interested in hearing what that guy’s saying. I … Continue reading

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As I work through processing my inbox, it seems as though I have already implemented many of David Allen’s ideas in my own personal systems; usually I go through all my things, sort them out; and I have a well-developed … Continue reading

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a nudge

Usually it takes two mentions before a book recommendation starts to make waves in my radar. Right now, I am fully immersed in the ideas of David Allen’s Getting Things Done. First introduced to me by my friend Nathen, I … Continue reading

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dire desk straits

The problem with the desk getting piled too high, is then I can’t find my check book to pay the $7,363.79 credit card bill that was due today!!!! No need to panic, I am not a spend-o-holic (yes I am) … Continue reading

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