Letter to Christian at 5 Months

My dear darling Christian,

It’s true! Babies really do bring more love into the house. When you are sleeping on my chest I can feel love sinking straight into my chest. You have completely charmed the heck out of your parents and anybody else who comes within sight of your irresistible grin. Even your teenage sister is slowly coming around – because when she enters the room you always wiggle with pleasure and chuckle in her direction, trying to catch her attention. Nobody can resist being adored – for long.

You are exactly five months old today. And suddenly I am alarmed at how fast you are growing up. Your toes which were just wiggling non-attached entities in the distance to you last month are suddenly in your fingers’ grip every time I lay you on your back. You’re a perfect little yogi in Contented Baby position. Your left big toe is also your favorite thing to chew on as well. It’s in perfect reach when you’re snug in your peanut shell.

We call you many things, but Mr. Drools-a-lots is especially appropriate right now – I guess your teeth are starting to really bother you. When we give you the occasional Hyland’s teething tablet you are very perplexed by the new flavor, which takes your mind off the pain momentarily.

For the last five months your favorite safe position on me has been slung over my left shoulder – but as of yesterday, you are so curious that you won’t stay slung anymore. You push away from me with both arms so you can swivel 180 degrees and scan the room. You’re not quite ready to be on my hip – so I’m throwing you in the baby bjorn even for quick trips down to the car. Your safe position in your dad’s arms is more like a modifed cradle hold. When he holds you that way you relax and sink back and meditatively play with your fingers. Several times this week your dad has put to sleep at night by rocking out with you in front of the bose speaker – he says you can’t resist Grandaddy. It never takes more than four songs of jiggling for you to give your old man the limp arm (which is always the aim…)

I could write more and more and more, but the intent is to do this once a month, rather a treatise once a year. I’ve started back up in Bella’s journal too – but that’s more private – and in any case she’s old enough to ask me not to blog about her activities.

I love you honey.


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