Perfection City

At the last La Leche League meeting, mothers started animatedly discussing nursing bras. Medela and Bravado quickly emerged as favorites -  one woman also loved the nursing bras from Elle McPherson. I looked around the room and wondered how all these at-home moms were able to afford a drawerful of new nursing bras at $50 a pop.

Most of the babies in the room were very young, and so I figured the moms were in the early stages of living on one income – or they were moms who were going back to work shortly.

I spoke up and said that I had been using my old sports bras; that they were easy to pull up and often quite a bit cheaper, especially if you buy them in a 2-pack at Costco. There was no comment on my suggestion and I could see that I was probably the only one using sports bras in the room.

On the drive home I debated how much I needed a nursing bra. I do have several from my sister – but I have to stuff a sock in each side to fill out the D cups – my boobs have pretty much returned to their normal B cup size. On the upside, I fit right in with other Orange county moms with D-cups. I do use my sports bras regularly, but they don’t cut the most flattering figure and the wide racerback straps often show. Then I decided that no, I could live without a proper nursing bra and that it was more important to to save up for Bella’s birthday gift and Christmas right around the corner, etc.

I consoled myself with the thought that being broke was a small sacrifice for getting to spend my days with Christian.

When I got home there was an email from my friend Laura asking if I had any need for her three barely used B-cup Medela nursing bras as her son has weaned. Talk about serendipity! I feel like the universe just gave me a pat on the back for trying so hard to stay on budget.

Thank you Laura!

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