Haim Steinbach at Overduin and Kite

Sorry about the mismatched image, but the gallery hasn’t gotten their images together yet, and I didn’t take any while I was there. This is an image of his work from last year – also employing those scary black kongs. Click on the image to see its original web source.

Click on the image to see its original web source.

In a lucky marriage of two artists’ artists (who illustrate well Ruscha’s formula for good art: first Huh? Then Wow! Bad art: first Wow! And then Huh?), Haim Steinbach trolls Mike Kelley’s home for objects to set on his shelves in “Special Project: Mr. Peanut.” Not only is Steinbach in fine form, liberally punctuating the show with super-sized, black “Kongs,” but seeing a selection of objects from Kelley’s home, office, and studio is immensely gratifying. Lined up almost symmetrically on a smooth black mantel, each porcelain or rubber curiosity is the center of ever-expanding nuance and meaning as the viewer’s eye sizes up its neighbor. The grinning boy sauntering off with his cock slung over his shoulder  (“Make love, not war”) makes the viewer look with entirely different perspective at the plump rabbit in bowler hat.

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