We call him King of the Drool People

I dont have the heart to take pictures of the guy crying...

I don't have the heart to take pictures of the guy crying...

The poor guy is being struck by fits of teething misery. In fact, the teething pain is at times radically changing Christian’s behavior: in the last three days he has adamantly refused to nurse three times when he’s been upset and actually fallen asleep in my arms just by being jiggled. He’s not a big fusser – so I’m not complaining, but yes he is going for hours crying and fussing and stuffing his fist in his mouth, because of the pain.

We have been using the Hyland’s Teething tablets with some success – I just feel a nagging worry about relying so heavily on them, so I try to keep their use to a minimum. And besides, I don’t think that the lactose base used in the tablets qualifies in our wheat and dairy-free diet month. He still gets them a couple times a day.

So, the Chad dad and I have broken down and spent some money on the guy.

Last night I went a beautiful little store in Mission Viejo called Live ‘n Nature to get Christian a proper wooden teething ring for $8. Thirty dollars later…and that’s with a 15% discount and no tax. Oh well.

We got him this lovely simple teething ring which is the perfect size, weight, and texture for him. Christian loves it already. It’s very lightweight; Chad was surprised that something so small would be $8, but where else can you find a simple wooden teething ring? Not at Babies ‘R Us, unfortunately, because I still have a large gift card to spend there.

We also got him an amber necklace which is supposed to help relieve pain.

The boy in the picture below is the very adorable son of the owner of Live ‘n Nature, whom I know know through the attachment parenting group. He is also the same boy riding the balance bike in the videos I posted last week. I highly recommend shopping at her store if you need to buy a lovely natural gift for a baby in your life. Click on any of the images to go to her store – she has a physical storefront (but be careful because you’ll want to buy everything in the shop! not everything is online yet…), but ends up doing most of her business online.

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