I Heart Libraries (and librarians)

I.L.L. = Interlibrary Loan. This is a pretty incredible library service I have recently discovered. Libraries within California can actually request books from other participating libraries anywhere (in California, so far as I know) outside of their county. At my local public library, this service costs $3 per book. (If you are dating a librarian, it’s free!) This means that I am holding a book right now, that is on loan from University of California, Davis, that I could not find at any other library. It is amazing to have access to all UC libraries.

The book is actually a catalog from an art exhibit called Broken Music (and there’s a part of a broken record inside). Cedric the Canadian (the guy who’s kindly been giving me Canadian sound art tips) thinks it’s possibly the first major show of sound art to travel through Canada. That was back in 1989 – before Janet Cardiff was playing around with sound.

I have been doing most of my research at UCIrvine – but they don’t have many of these sound art books published in Canada. Still, I am pleased with my new UCI library card. It cost $80 for the year, I get 25 books at a time, and I can renew books up to 5 times each.

Now that’s a library card!

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