A Way to Tell if You're Pregnant

I have the privilege of knowing two couples who are trying to conceive their second child and both women have confided in me that they might be pregnant already. (You don’t know them. I promised I wouldn’t tell.) I swear, I am so giddy with anticipation that you would think it was me trying to get pregnant. Chad has asked me not to refer to myself and the word pregnant in the same sentence. No worries, Honey, I’m good with the two we have.

I am dying to know.

And I remembered a little trick that my friend in college taught me long ago: Feel your cervix. If it is a hard bump like the tip of your nose, then you are not pregnant. (She would tap her forefinger against her nose.) If it is soft, like your lower lip, then you may be pregnant. (She would pull down her lower lip repeatedly with a sad face.) Except in this case a softening cervix would be GOOD NEWS.

If you’d rather just look at pictures of somebody else’s cervix, you can see 33 photos of the same cervix at a site I posted about in December, called MyBeautifulCervix.com

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