Cooking with Mama T

Finally after lots of noise from the peanut gallery, my college buddy Tiff, put a bunch of her recipes over at a new blog just for her recipes called, Cooking with Mama T (her brother’s suggestion – pretty cute name, eh?)

She’s a smart stay-at-home mom who makes yummy things for her two adorable girls and husband (also adorable – I can say that since I practically introduced the two of them back on the seventh floor of Molson Hall). Since she’s Canadian with a British background there’s some more English stuff thrown in for good measure (like mince meat pie).

I’ve added a link to it under my “Eaten” page, but I was so surprised and excited to see it tonight that I wanted to give it a little shout out to the world.

Fresh Apple Cookies - dont you just want one now?

Fresh Apple Cookies - don't you just want one now?

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