Still Pretty Good

I’ve been instructed by my daughter not to wear my new eyeglasses around her. Also to act my age not my shoe number.

Otherwise things are hunky dory in Bella land. For a brief period at the end of the semester Bella was pretty convinced that she was going to get a “B+” in Accelerated Trigonometry/Algebra II class, because of a few tests she’d bombed early on. Then for an even briefer time, she was convinced that the extra credit and her full scores in homework were going to pull her grade up. Then she found out her teacher used weighted grading – meaning that homework, only ever counted for 10% of the grade. And then she studied and studied for the final and got a 97%, which pulled her up to an A (91%!).

And then the next day she crashed and burned on her written tennis final, and the A she’d held in Tennis all semester, slid into a B+.

All A’s and one B is still pretty good.

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