Free Snow in OC

In some places, like Calgary, kids know what snow is. In other places, like Orange County, kids hear about snow, they see snow on TV, and if they’re lucky they travel to places with snow, but they don’t get snow at home.

So it creates some excitement when a park (The Great Park) decides to truck in several tons of snow to show the local kids a good time FOR FREE. Yep, on Valentine’s Day, The Great Park will provide snow for sledding and throwing and eating from 1pm-4pm. Then from 4-10pm, an ice skating rink will open up in the old airplane hangar (The Great Park is being built on top of an old air force base) and skating AND skate rentals will also be free.

The Great Park is also where you can go on a free hot air balloon ride, which I posted about last year here.

We tried to go again the weekend before last, but the timed tickets were all gone for the day. We took pictures though – look at what Bella and Dawkins are wearing and you can see what kind of winter we’ve been having down here. (Although to be honest, it’s been colder and rainier since then…)

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