Mark, meet Williams.

It started around Thanksgiving. I asked my friend Sierra for her osso buco recipe and she introduced me to Williams – Willams-Sonoma recipes online, that is. Every time I asked her for a recipe she would refer me back to the site, saying that she’d never tried a recipe there that she didn’t like.

And now after a dozen or so recipes, I have to agree. The recipes there are GREAT.

Recently I have made (and been very impressed with) the chicken pot pie, including the crust; the coleslaw with a cooked dressing (you basically make your own mayonaise); and the cassoulet (a slow cooker version that was recommended for Valentine’s Day).

I have not been neglecting my Mark Bittman though – I made a second Valentine’s Day meal: Beef Stroganoff.

Have we been eating like crazy? Little bit.

But this may be the last time in my life I can eat so many calories so indiscriminately. The baby has started solids, but depends on his nursing calories for most of his energy. And let me tell you, I am burning through calories like wildfire keeping both him and I going all day long. That boy is going to be ACTIVE – he NEVER STOPS.

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