Highly Recommended

Whoa. Things have gotten really busy all of a sudden – kinda feels out of control and like I need to spend a few days at home.

I’m heading out to the Irvine La Leche League meeting here in a moment. It IS fun to see the same babies (happy breastfed babies) month after month, growing visibly each time. Real-time time-lapse.

One of the great things about having a baby again is getting to hang out with lots of kids. I love to scout out activities that kids enjoy, and I like to think that Christian enjoys the adventuring too.

We discovered a wonderful place last month: The Huntington Library and Gardens.

Granted, my friend and I treated ourselves to the all-you-can-eat-and-drink high tea first ($25 – mine was an early Valentine’s Day treat from the hubby, who I think was a little relieved to get out of the tea-drinking responsibilities), so we were high on caffeine, but the day as a whole is already a highlight of 2009. It’ll probably be in the top ten.

The high tea was more casual than I expected, but that worked well, because Sierra and I had three children between us. The food was excellent, especially the finger sandwiches. Darn, I’m making myself hungry again. Mental note though – it’s hard to appreciate a leisurely tea with three kids… It would be perfect for a long catch-up with an old friend, or a date. Any scones you don’t finish they pack up for you.

Which is perfect, because you’ll need them later while you’re walking around. That’s all we did. Walk and talk. (After the eating – we were starving when we arrived and did quite well on those yummy finger sandwiches. We both like the carrot and ginger one the best. The desserts were as good as the savory, but after all the cavier I ate I didn’t have that much room left!)

The Huntington is only open from noon to 4:30 right now – winter hours maybe? We were there that entire time and barely felt like we spent enough time there. There is SO MUCH TO SEE. Not to mention a Gutenberg Bible. We never even went into any of the buildings there.

I guess that just means we have to go back soon.

Note: there is a Free Day, the first Thursday of each month. However, you must have a ticket to get in, and tickets are available the first of the month previous, ie., March Free Day tickets were available (momentarily) on February 1. Good luck with that one.

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