the naughty nun

I’m looking forward to seeing Nunsense II at the local playhouse, but my boyfriend is coming out this weekend which nixes community theater; plus it’s his birthday weekend, so I suppose we do the stuff he wants to do. But! but! maybe he’ll want to see the naughty nun?

I like dance recitals and community theater and it’s been a really long time since there has been a good production at the Hi-desert Playhouse. (I saw Joseph and the Technicolor Coat there three times.) Rumor has it that the playhouse was struggling politically (within its own board) and having financial difficulties and that they actually asked 29 Palms Theatre to take over the playhouse. Theater 29 was originally a dissident offshoot from the Hi-Desert Playhouse, so it’s quite the news. Kathy Ferguson is directing (and making great costumes, I’m sure) and she pre-cast the show, in order to start the season off with a bang.

Sigh, I’m not grumbling – just anxious to see the show. I know the naughty nun! shows are Friday and Saturday at 8, Sunday at 2:30.

Thunder, lightning and rain outside. Full moon too.

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