Pigs and Things

At my husband’s urging, Christian and I have decided to forego all get-togethers where lots of babies exchange saliva chewing each other’s toys this week – what with swine flu breaking out all over California. Bella’s principal even called last night (he has an automated system to reach all the parents of his 3000+ students) to encourage sick students to stay home; to remind everybody to wash their hands frequently and with soap; to avoid touching their eyes and mouth; and to refrain from sharing drinks and food with friends.

I skipped a La Leche League meeting this morning and even canceled a Worms and Tea Meetup I had planned for Thursday. (I was passing out free worms  and vermiculture information to moms who wanted to start a worm box after serving snacks…)

But the upside of staying home is getting things done: finishing dolls and other knitting projects. My next project is going to be a a knit pig as I have a Knit-Your-Own-Pig Meetup planned in two weeks time.

Look at what my friend Sierra made today!

Directions for this pig (and other animals) are in the book called A First Book of Knitting for Children by Bonnie Gosse and Jill Allerton. How cute is that knit piggie in pink cotton chenille?

[P.S. Chad later sent me this blurb from boingboing to keep the swine flu in perspective.]

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