An Abecedarium for Today's Youth

You know how when you type a letter into a search box and immediately a dropdown box of suggestions appears?

My friend Nathen‘s friend, Ethan, over at the blog The Quodlibertarian wrote an interesting post about measuring celebrity by how quickly a person’s name pops up when typing in a letter in a YouTube search box. His YouTube alphabet begins: Akron, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Disturbia…

He goes further by also listing a Google alphabet, which begins: Amazon, Bank of America, Chase…

However, I think that a Google dropdown suggestion box is influenced by your previous use of it. For instance, my “F” brings up Francisco Goya and “P” pulls up purses, whereas Ethan gets Facebook and Paypal.

Check out Ethan’s post here. (I had to look up abecedaria to see what it meant – and then immediately wanted to use it as a post title like he did. It’s matching a word to each letter; an abecedarium is a primer, often used to teach the alphabet.)

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