10 points = vegetarian cheeseburger and fries

This is Chad’s invention and requires a trip to Trader Joe’s:

3 = Honey Wheat Hamburger Bun

2 = Morningstar Griller’s Vegan Burger

0 = Kosher Sandwich Pickles

1.5 = Sliced Soy Cheese (Cheddar flavor)

.5 = ketchup

3 = 16 pieces of Crinkle Wedge Potatoes


10 points

Tonight (every Wednesday night actually) I splurge on one of John’s Place $.99 hamburgers, no cheese and no fries. I count that as 11 points… since that’s how many points I have left today. One 4 ounce hamburger patty is 6 points, plus special sauce and the bun (tomato, onion, pickle, and lettuce free). Can’t wait!

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