I've lost 13 pounds!

I’ve noticed that as I have lost more weight, I have started to post more recipes. Does that mean I am getting food-obsessed?

Ha ha. That was a joke, because anybody who’s known me for any time knows that I have always been food-obsessed (it comes from my mother). Take Chad’s not-so-surprise birthday BBQ last weekend. On the suggestion of a culinary friend, I wrapped about half of the six pounds of shrimp in half pieces of bacon and skewered them with cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and red bell pepper. Everything got well-grilled. Dee-dee-licious.

Fried rice by Al, homemade birthday cheesecake by Ann, and four pints of Ben and Jerry’s, beer and wine.

For an appetizer, I served my mom’s secret recipe: Take one small wheel of brie, slather good dijon mustard over the top, sprinkle brown suger liberally and nuke for two minutes. I served it with Wheat Thins. That, and a fresh pineapple that Caryn sliced to serve, in an amazingly competent manner. Oh, and lots of edename from Trader Joe’s.

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