I Dub Thee "Finito"

I actually completed a handwork project yesterday. Okay, so it was after the event it was intended for, but still it’s FINISHED!

I actually gave the horse to my friend at her baby shower with just a partial mane and tail – he is so much cuter with a full mane and bushy tail.

This is the first knit animal I’ve ever completed, which is ironic considering how many people I’ve taught and encouraged to knit animals (pigs and horses so far – we start lions next week – and true to my track record, I’ve never knit a lion myself either…) You can read the directions for how to make him here.

So, this July will be a month of COMPLETION. I will finish up lots and lots of projects (and only start one or two…) It is SO HARD FOR ME TO FINISH A PROJECT. I almost had to hold my breath and just race through the last bits of that horse without thinking, to get him finished.

If I put a project aside even for a minute, it can languish for months or years. No joke.

Projects started in the last year that I intend to finish by July 28:

woolen vest for Christian

two knit pigs

the hair transplant on my niece’s doll

Wallace (a heavy baby doll for Flann- omg ALMOST DONE)

two dozen cloth menstrual pads

one dozen cloth napkins

wet bag and two shoe bags for Corrina (belated Christmas gift!)

and most embarrassingly…

half of my baby announcement cards (which are already addressed and stamped, but now require a updated picture!)

Projects not yet started, but still must get finished by the end of the month:

wet bag, laundry bag and two shoe bags for my m-i-l’s retirement gift

Bella’s laundry bag, wet bag and two shoe bags

Laundry bag, wet bag and two shoe bags for her friend taking her to NYC

Laundry bag, wet bag and two shoe bags for her friend’s aunt who is taking them.

Laundry bag, wet bag and two shoe bags for ME!

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