I love mac, but

doing this whole battery exchange was a bit of a shocker. I hold Apple in very high esteem and I love on my powerbook all the time – so I can’t believe there is a massive battery recall going on. I know this is old news, but I am just now getting around to figuring out battery and computer serial numbers. Btw, here’s a new trick: go to the apple menu, then About This Mac, and double-click on the Version and your serial number will appear (without having to turn your computer off!)

(Also learned the RAZR trick for this: dial * # 0 6 # and then the serial number pops up. Am in the process of getting that mofo exchanged too.)

Basically, it seems to affect ibooks and powerbooks purchased in the last year. Apparently there has been a problem with batteries overheating. Luckily, I always have my powerbook propped up on a recipe book stand, so the screen is level with my face and my battery is always getting plenty of air circulating around it. It also takes up less space sitting upright, so there’s room for my ergonomic keyboard and all my stacks of paper on my desk.
Apple is shipping the new battery first, and asking that I return the old battery afterwards. An extra battery for my computer costs about $100 and comes in very handy on long plane rides. I am not saying that I can’t be trusted, but it is very tempting…

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