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How to Transfer Your RAZR Pics to Your Mac

As the RAZR revolution has peaked, I’ve found that I’ve given instructions on how to transfer pics from phone to computer via bluetooth a number of times. In case you need them, here they are in written form. To begin … Continue reading

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penny quiz

The problem with having a conversation with my father is that he is so curious about everything that you always walk away with several minor research projects. Take for example, a simple conversation about bluetooth and wireless technology – the … Continue reading

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I love mac, but

doing this whole battery exchange was a bit of a shocker. I hold Apple in very high esteem and I love on my powerbook all the time – so I can’t believe there is a massive battery recall going on. … Continue reading

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free ringtones … really

I have been delighted with the bluetooth function on my RAZR, especially when I figured out that my powerbook is also bluetooth capable. I didn't realize that my phone can bluetooth ANY device that is bluetooth capable. Anyway, when I … Continue reading

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