Craft and Game Booths

Back a few months ago I attended a May Day Faire at the Waldorf School of Orange County; I was so inspired by that family event that everything I’ve been doing to help with the World Breastfeeding Week Picnic has been to try and recreate that experience for others as closely as possible. (I promise to post about May Day separately – because it really deserves it.)

We won’t have a May Pole, live music, or dancing but… there were several well-attended craft and game booths there for the children – so we are offering one of each at our picnic.

The craft booth, Sew-Your-Own-Bean Bag, will be just like one of the ones offered at the May Day Faire. In a shaded spot there will be a helpful adult sitting at a table with pincushions with threaded needles, bowls filled with beans, spoons for scooping, and partially sewn bean bags. For the cost of one ticket ($1/ticket or $5/ 6 tickets), the child can pick a beanbag fabric, fill it with beans, and stitch it closed.

The game booth will be a Potty Toss, and sponsored by the local diaper-free group. I’m pretty proud of this silly game idea, so I hope it works. I picture 9-12 baby potties on the ground or on a table and kids standing behind a line tossing pingpong balls into the (brand new – purchased with a donation fund from my brother) potties. Depending on how hard it is to get the pingpong balls into the potties, I think one ticket gets you three tosses and three wins (you can buy more tosses) wins you a potty.

If somebody wins a potty, we write the child’s name on a potty in fabric pen or sharpie. He or she can pick up the potty at the end of the picnic.

The only glitch in the plans so far, has been to find enough people to tend the booths, but that problem may have been solved today as we’ve decided to find SPONSORS.

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